Celebrate the Season on the Boogeyman Bar Crawl

October 25, 2016 | grubb

When it comes to the Boogeyman Bar Crawl, costumes are what make this event so memorable each year. So be sure you're decked out in your finest Halloween garb if you're planning on attending. Purchase a ticket online ahead of time for an even more reasonable bar crawl fee.

But even late registrants will probably find that the fee for the Boogeyman Bar Crawl is more than reasonable given the access it gets them to the best Halloween parties around Raleigh. Games and free drinks are part of the package at the many bars you'll visit in Glenwood South. Partake in the tour if you're the kind of reveler who can't stand missing out on a good party; the Boogeyman Bar Crawl will easily hit all of the best places to be this Halloween!

Boogeyman Bar Crawl
When: Oct. 29 – 30
Where: Glenwood South Bars, Raleigh, NC 27603
Tickets: $20+

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